list of articles: botany and horticulture

Propagating Gloriosa lilies  6/14/13
Soil matters  6/14/13
Home Depot and slug bait
Showy natives for your garden  4/6/13
Propagating native plants   4/6/13
Gardening for birds and butterflies  4/6/13
Tips on planting trees, shrubs and perennials  4/6/13
Dirt-cheap gardening: horticulture on a budget  3/6/13
Common errors of landscapers and homeowners  4/25/12
West Puget area gardening resources  1/13/12
Container plantings in winter  9/17/11
Fall planting  9/17/11
Variegated leaves in garden plants  8/9/11
A guide to life cycle terminology, and a few nursery industry quirks   7/25/11
A beginner's guide to plant hardiness   7/25/11
Hybrids, GMOs, cultivars, mutations and the devil   3/15/11
Propagating native plants   3/15/11
Understanding native plants vs weeds   3/15/11
True-blue garden flowers... and a few leaves   3/1/11
Interview: dog waste composting entrepreneur Rose Seemans   3/1/11
The pruning low-down   2/27/11
Attracting hummingbirds   2/27/11
Cocoa mulch: still toxic to dogs   11/16/10
Sluggo: not "completely nontoxic"   11/16/10
A few biases against bird netting   3/12/10
Fall gardening tips   9/9/09
Pet-safe gardening tips   7/7/09