Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Selected references on native plants

Buckingham, Nelsa, et al. 1995. Flora of the Olympic Peninsula. NW Interpretive Association and Washington Native Plant Society. Handy, thorough cataloguing of species found in the region. Gives only limited info on each: introduced or native, range, habitat.
Hitchcock, Leo, and Arthur Cronquist. 1973. Flora of the Pacific Northwest.  U. of Washington Press, Seattle. The botanist’s “bible”.  Covers all native species and some widely introduced species.  Good for more detailed information on range and ecological preferences of different species, and morphological details. Still the authoritative manual for professionals, but some names and taxonomic groupings will have changed.
Kruckeberg, Arthur. 1982. Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest. U. of Washington Press, Seattle.  A classic guide, with details on growing and propagating native plants, and plant lists in the back for various soil and sun conditions.
Pettinger, April. 2002. Native Plants in the Coastal Garden. Timber Press, Portland OR.  Thorough treatment with planting schemes included.
Pojar, Jim, Andy MacKinnon, et al. Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast, 1994. Lone Pine Publishing, Vancouver, B.C.  The most popular guide to PNW plants, for professionals and others.  Very user-friendly. Great photos and ethnobotanic notes.  Restricting range to near-coastal regions prevents confusion, though a few relevant species are omitted or only alluded to.
Robson, Kathleen, Alice Richter and Marianne Filbert, 2008. Encyclopedia of Northwest Native Plants for Gardens and Landscapes, Timber Press, Portland, OR.
Rose, Robin, Caryn Chachulski, and Diane Haase. 1998.  Propagation of Pacific Northwest Native Plants. Oregon State University Press. After a good initial section on general propagation techniques, discussions of a limited selection of species, with general descriptions and propagation recommendations. Enlivened by nice line drawings from several sources.
Ross, Robert, and Henrietta Chambers. 1988. Wildflowers of the Western Cascades. Timber Press, Portland, OR. Very user-friendly field guide with accessible descriptions and beautiful photographs.
Online references:
www.wnps.org - Washington Native Plant Society - plant lists, sources, sales, local chapters and activities
www.Pnwflowers.com – Mark Turner has photographed nearly every native species, and for most provides multiple photos; good general information on each is supplied. Easy to use site.
www.Fourthcornernurseries.com – large nursery in Bellingham.  Site provides lots of information.

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