Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Resources for native plants

Most general nurseries carry at least some native plants and their cultivars, though they might not be labeled as native. Look for: trees (Douglas-fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar); shrubs (Ribes Sanguineum and cultivars ‘King Edward VII, White Icicle);  Mahonia nervosa (Oregon Grape), Vaccinium ovatum (evergreen huckleberry); ground covers including Salal, kinnickinnik, and Oxalis; ferns; perennials- Sedums including S. spathulifolium Cape Blanco and S. oreganum; cultivars of Helenium autumnale including Moerheim Beauty; Armeria maritima; Lewisia cotyledon and L. Columbiana (available e.g. at Valley Nursery, Poulsbo).
Mail order catalogues carry species of Camas, and Allium cernuum.

Native plant specialty nurseries in our region include:
North Coast Natives, selling at Poulsbo Farmers Market (Saturdays 9-2 April through October) and year-round by appointment at the nursery, or by home delivery
Woodbrook Nursery, Gig Harbor
Friendly Natives, Quilcene
Sound Natives, Olympia
Fourth Corner, Bellingham

Most USDA Conservation Districts have annual native plant sales.

Seeds can be obtained from various sources online, including
Inside Passage, Port Townsend
Heritage Seedlings, Oregon (higher volumes)
Native Seed Network

Or collect and grow your own seeds or cuttings.  Follow ethical and legal guidelines (see e.g. http://nativeplantwildlifegarden.com/how-to-collect-native-plants/) - limited collection of whole plants with a permit is ok on Forest Service land. Seeds and cuttings are generally fine, but be sure you’re not wiping out a population, particularly of rarer plants.  Make sure your identification is correct, and collect seeds that are ripe or that will after-ripen.  You don’t need a greenhouse or special equipment.    See my blog on propagating native plants for general protocols, or sign up for the upcoming free workshop, Propagating Native Plants, October 5.

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